The Old Farm of the Saint-Bavo Abbey

SML Tempelhof JDVBehind the Saint-Martinschurch in Sint-Martens-Latem you’ll find the beautiful old farm of the Saint-Bavo Abbey, ‘Tempelhof’. The first mentions date back 1121 and the current building tot the beginning of the 17th century. Despite its name, it has no relationship whatsoever with the order of the Templars.


Toerisme Leiestreek -

Toerisme Leiestreek –


Situated on the bank on an outer turn of the Lys, it has been painted numerous times. Just think about ‘De overzet in Latem’ (the crossing of the ferry on the Lys in Latem), a work by Xavier De Cock, for all to see in the ‘mudel‘  the Museum of Deinze and the  Lys Region.