The Saint Aldegonde Church

Deurle kerk village, with the poetic Church of Saint Aldegonde is since 1979 a protected townview. You’ll see a greatly preserved harmonic total, with an outspoken and somewhat old flemish countryside character. Many artists like the brothers De Smet, Xavier De Cock, Jenny Montigny and playwright Gaston Martens, have found their source of inspiration here for one of their masterpieces. All of them are now buried on this cemetery. If you can spare the time, go and take a look at each of the individual tombstones and follow along the path to pass the house of Cyriel Buysse. In a way typical to him he described the dark and mood of the town life.



Ambience pictures

Deurle kerkhof (2) Deurle kerkhof

Deurle kerkhof grafzerk Leon De Smet

Leon De Smet


Deurle kerkhof Gaston Martens

Gaston Martens


Deurle kerkhof grafzerk X Decock

Xaveer Decock