Our Greeters

Meet our Greeters!
Greeters are volunteers that love their city so much they volunteer to show their city to visitors. Not as a guide, but more like a newly met friend! Greeters will show special places that mean something in their lives. They would also show things visitors specifically ask for such as parks, shopping, architecture or a less wellknown neighborhood.
Greeters are no professional guides, that is why Greeters (for example) do not enter a museum with their guest(s), that is up to the professionals.

Joannes De Baets

Joannes is a passionate hobby photographer. He leads you along beautiful images around for taking ….. nice pictures. His batteries are already loaded. Now yours!

Languages: NL – FR – ENG – DU


John De Vlieger (Deinze)


John is a well known figure in Deinze and surroundings and curiously enough he also knows almost everyone! It is the perfect man to take you along Astene-Lock, the Leie, the recreation domain De Brielmeersen,  Ooidonk castle.

Languages: NL – FR – DU


Johan Dewitte

You can find Johan often in and around the ‘Kapelhoek’ in Zulte.  There is a natural domain, an old tannery, an ancient chapel, and more. You can cycle, walk or enjoy a cool drink in ‘Kapelhuis’.

Languages: NL- ENG


Claude Gekiere

Feel like cycling in region Deinze? The Elfdorpen route on the bike with Claude is an ideal opportunity to discover the most beautiful places and historical tidbits. With a touch of humor and in a relaxed atmosphere, you cycle the tour of 30 or 50 km.

Languages: NL


Lieven Godderis (Deinze)


When Lieven tells about the beauty of nature, the hiking trails and the quiet spots of Deinze,  you want to keep him company. Go with him on step and discover nice places to picnic, horse riding or with the children.

Languages: NL – FR – ENG


Dirk Goeminne

Zulte and his two boroughs Olsene and Machelen/Leie are definitely worth to explore. Dirk takes you by bike or on foot along two castles, Olsene Rotse , the Raveel Museum and the French Military Cemetery and more.

Languages: NL


Bart Huyghe

Bart has a passion for technology, economics, architecture and history. He combines that business in a fascinating walk or a bike ride in Deinze. Bart takes you to the home of a former silk manufacturer and the residence of Lulu, daughter of writer John Flanders and the doctors house of Henry van de Velde. Further on the program: gin, tobacco, lingerie, toys made of paper maché and architectural vestiges of adventurers who ventured their chance in America.

Languages: NL – ENG

Chris Lassuyt

As a resident of Olsene and before of Machelen/Lys Chris brings you in the hidden edges of Olsene, in terms of history, flax, eggs, the cave, the subterranean flight corridor of the Castle and leather. His specialty is a bike ride in Olsene and part of Machelen (art). Of course, a hospitality stop at….

Languages: NL