The Flax Workers Walking Route

Vlasroters wandelroute

Previously, the retting of flax took place in the river Lys, later in large concrete boxes.

Wontergem is characterized through his set of fields ‘Kouters’ named, as well as cycling champion Lucien Buysse. Grammene has a beautiful church which is located along an old Lys arm. Also the ruins of an old retting factory and the metal Lorenzobridge are worth a detour and visiting it. In Gottem, you drive along the Saint-Canarus home brewery, the flaxworker sculpture and along an old Lys meander.

Here you have 4 looped routes sharing the theme of the rich flax traditions along the Lys. You always start in a borough of Deinze and walk in a countryside setting, and along the old Lys arms.

The brochure with map is only available in dutch.

location: Deinze / Grammene, Gottem en Wontergem
lenght routes: 7 km
7,5 km
8 km
11,5 km
also possible to connect them with each other
signage: yes
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