The Saint Peter’s Church

Zulte Sint-Petrus kerkThe organ in the Saint Peter’s Church in is the most recent realisation of the ‘Manufactures d’Orgues Thomas’ (Thomas’ organ manufacturer) from Ster-Francorchamps. With his 14 employees he is one of the biggest, most renowed companies in the country. The concept for this outstanding instrument was inspired by the work of the ‘old master’ Gottfried Silbermann, fellow region and time companion of J. S. Bach. They even integrated old blow instruments from Lambert Benoît VanPeteghem and father/brewer of the original organ of 1785. The repaired old pipework with over 160 pipes still functions quite well within the concept and form. Together with the new pipes, which counts 786 pipes, it still makes a beautiful unity in terms of sound.