The Roger Raveelmuseum

RRM en paalRoger Raveel, the famous son of Machelen, has in spite of his international recognition never left his native town. As a token of appreciation for his artistic career, he got his own museum. The famous architect Stéphane Beel designed a tight, white, contemporary building which harmonises with the picturesque town centre of Machelen. The collection of the Roger Raveelmuseum consists of over 300 paintings, 2500 drawings and a complete collection of drafts. The artist also designed 3 pillars ‘the pillars of the unrestricted’ that since 2011 are visible each in a different location in Machelen. When walking into the ‘Hoevestraat’ (street) in Machelen, you’ll come across a square called ‘The New Vision’. There you’ll be able to see ‘The Wall of Imagination’ by Roger Raveel, a unique harmony of art and nature.

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In the street ‘Posthoornstraat’ in Machelen you’ll find the chapel Maria-Hulp-der-Christenen (a chapel dedicated to the Holy Mary helping Christians) in the middle of a row of houses. On the outside, the chapel looks like an ordinary house, so the surprise will be even greater. In the beginning of the nineties, reverend Desmaele asked Roger Raveel to fit the chapel with a religious theme. This led to a piece of art entitled ‘The Religion of Life’. Roger Raveel even called in the help of his friend from Gottem, Jules Claeys, with whom you’ll come in contact while walking the Vlasroters route (retting flax walking route).

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