Vesp Renting Service ‘Rent & Go’

Rent & Go with Vespa rentals brings the Italian charm in our Lys region.

Starting from Machelen/Lys you can enjoy together with friends, family or colleagues cosy tours in the region. Also children can fully enjoy thanks to the child seats that are available.
You want simply someone in the spotlight? With the ‘ Pink Vespa ‘ you have the result you want.
There is the ‘ Eletrrica ‘ Vespa, also deployed on the ecological and sustainable tourism.

telephone: +32 (0)9 386 95 20
+32 (0)479 26 93 55
address: Rijksweg 12 C
9870 Zulte / Machelen-aan-de-Leie
hours: – from Monday through Friday via telephone or e-mail
– on Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 9 tot 12 and 13:30 to 17:30
note: renting a Vespa all days  is possible