Roger Raveel Walking Route

Roger Raveel wandelrouteOut of the three boroughes Zulte counts, Machelen Lys has preserved the most authentic town atmosphere. This walk runs straight through the centre of this lively town, with attention to special places, the old Lys known as Machelen Put. In 1972 people wanted to fill the old arm. This led to a hefty conflict between the people wanting to fill the arm and the opposition, of which you had the town council and Roger Raveel leading the bunch. The famous son launched the project ‘Raveel op de Leie’ (Raveel on the River Lys) in 1971. On a float with blue plastic bags he mounted a red/white flag and travelled from Machelen to Afsnee. The media gave the event sufficient attention and so the fruits of his labour saved the old Lys arm.

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location: Zulte / Machelen-Lys
lenght route: 3,7 km
signage: yes
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