Vosselare-put, nature swamp country and swimming pool

Vosselare-put zwemmersAn authentic and special calming surounding is that of Astene-sas (Astene-lock and lift bridge). The protected lock dates back to 1861 and is to this day still operated manually. The Lys, there isn’t actually the real Lys.  The natural twists and turns were too meandering for the shipping industry. Five kilometres was thus shortened to 300 meter. There you will discover the ‘old’ Lys with its adherent nature swamp country, where you can easily take a walk, go for a bicylce ride or even go for a swim. Vosselare-put is an old Lys-arm where you can cool of and will meet young and old. And rest assured, the water is checked upon regurlarly. People have been swimming there for over 120 years. It’s one of the few places in Belgium where you can swim and see cows eat on the other side of the river. You can pretend to be an ice bear and take dive during the winter. And when it freezes, the whole place freezes over completely and turns into a place suited for ice skating. The whole of it all is part of a flemish land use developing project. Along with the swimming pool is a typical café. Vosselareput winter GVdk

telephone: +32 (0)9 386 22 43
e-mail: vosselareput@telenet.be
website: vosselareput.be
address: Kleine Pontstraat
9800 Deinze/Astene