Booot – electric-powered boat rental


The luxury boats give the possibility to make excursions on the river Lys or elsewhere. No boating license is required.

Do you plan a trip in Deinze to enjoy and discover the most beautiful places there? Together with your beloved, friends of family? Give them the opportunity to experience an unforgettable boat excursion. Here you will find a suitable boat, electrically driven and thus 100% ecological. A luxury boat driven by yourself. Without a guide, in all comfort and freedom.

A boating license? Experience? Is not required.YCD sloepen Deinze MDB
After a short introduction, you are ready to sail out and you hear the water splashing rhytmically against the bow while the Lys landscape and scenery fly by.
Every boat has a map on board with navigation itineraries which will lead you to the most beautiful places and lovely spots in and around Deinze.


As an optimum sight-seeing boat – Deinze around the boat. While a fold-out spray hood protects you against sun, wind or little raindrops.boot-Deinze

Children and elderly persons can easily boarding the boat.

The hull design of the boat is very stable and reliable. 100% ecological!
The ‘Waterspoor 630 Electroboat’ has a sailing autonomy of no less than 8 hours.
Benefits: no noise- or smell nuisance and you sail energy-efficient. These boats only use ‘green power’ electricity.


location: Sint-Poppoplein, Deinze
telephone: +32 (0)476 57 18 18
e-mail: send a mail