Modest Huys Walking Route

Modest Huys wandelrouteThis route brings a permanent homage to the impressionist Modest Huys (°1874 – †1932), whose works are taking central stage more and more. He painted nature and the people living alongside the Lys. The flax workers and air goers were some of his favourite themes. It took quite some time before he got the attention he deserved. Now, years after he man passed away, he gets judged fairly and is placed among the greats of the artistic Lys-region. With this route you’ll visit places in Olsene with attention to the Lys, nature in general, the old town centre, and of course Modest Huys himself.

The brochure with map is only available in dutch.

location: Olsene
lenght route: 7 km
signage: yes
brochure: download brochure and map