In the fields of rural Nevele the BRASVAR’ken, a pig breed from the past, is bred. On the pig farm of Kristof Verschelde and Angelique Dobbels, craftsmanship and innovation are combined in a sustainable way with respect for animals and the environment. The healthy and strong pig breed from yesteryear that was plodding with its snout in the mud and fed with boiled potatoes and vegetable waste, was reinvented in the innovative context of modern pig farming. The focus on taste, quality and corporate social responsibility are the pillars on which the company is built.

The BRASVAR’ken is a Duroc pig that is fed a sophisticated liquid feed. This liquid feed is composed on the farm itself on the basis of local products (mashed potatoes, cheese whey, trot from Filliers, …) which are purchased directly from various producers within a radius of 25 km. In addition, home-grown maize is used and the addition of olive oil ensures a fine taste.

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