The Leatherfactory Altan

Zulte leerlooierThe Leatherfactory Altan, doomed to disappear, will get a new life as the only flemisch tannery still doing things the old fashioned way, with the authentic machinery. In big rotating barrels, the skins go ghrough the different stages of tanning. Most of the machines are older than the factory itself because they were purchased as second hand equipment. Next tot the pressing machine, to press the leather dry, a shaving machine, to shave the skins to be equally thick; suplle making machines, to make the leather supple and easy to bend, they also had a spray-painting machine, to apply any colour to the leather.

Johan Lefevre is your host here and will guide you for 2 hours during the whole process, from a hide to a finished leather product. His specialities are wallets and purses made out of ostrich. In his humble shop next to the museum you can also purchase quality schoes, belts and sheep hides. There is also a shop where you can buy some exclusive spanish wines. Starting from 10 men groups you can visit this factory.Zulte leerlooierij machine

Telephone +32 (0)496 03 03 00
address Looierijstraat 134, 9870 Zulte
Opening hours Only on apointment from 10 persons