Filips van Montmorency Cycling Route

Along this cycle tour the Lords of Nevele will tell you which places in the Land of Nevele played an important role throughout history. In the Middle Ages the Land of Nevele (Nevele, Deurle, Landegem, Lotenhulle, Meigem, Poesele, Sint-Maria-Leerne, Sint-Martens-Leerne, Vinkt, Vosselare and Zeveren) was part of an important seigniory in the county of Flanders. Headed by the lord of Nevele. The members of the famous family ‘van Montmorency’ were the lords and ladies of Nevele from 1422 to 1592. Philip of Montmorency was the most famous lord of the family.
In the brochure you will also find a word of explanation and some practical information at every sight you pass (such as Ooidonk Castle, Oude Kalevallei, mudel, the donjon, …).
The brochure is only available in Dutch.

location: Deinze, Zeveren, Vinkt, Meigem, Nevele, Landegem, Merendree, Vosselare, Sint-Martens-Leerne, Bachte-Maria-Leerne, Astene
length route: 52 km
signage: yes, on the cycling network
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