Beer ‘Buysse Bierke’

1926lucien_buysseDeveloped in Deinze/Wontergem in honor of the winner of the ‘ Tour de France ‘ in1926, Lucien Buysse. The most beautiful and well-known cycle race of the world and in 1926 the longest and most difficult tour from the history. This record  still stands in the name of Lucien and  will never be broken. The numbers do not lie: 5,745 km in 17 stages, an average of 338 km pro stage, total 238h 44 min 25 sec, so a total average of 24.27 km/h and this with a bike without gears and on bad roads.

Strong men deserve a stron beer. The ‘Buysse Bierke’ is an artisanal beer with 7.5 vol% alc., high fermentation and naturally brewed with secondary fermentation in the bottle. The beer contains barley malt and hops and yeast  ofVlamerting. The amber color  reminds you  the yellow jersey shirt.

You can buy ‘Buysse Bierke’ in local shops and taste it in local pubs.