SML WesterplasThe ‘Western Pool’ (Westerplas) has been built in the autumn of 2006 upon initiative of the Hooglatem N.V., a company comprising a number of major real estate groupes. In the regional environmental implementation plan ‘Delimitation metropolitan area Ghent’, the further development of the former residential expansion area Hooglatem has been made dependent from the water managements works. The Nazareth- and the Hooglatembrooks together with the Rosdambrook form a valley with estuary in the river Lys at the height of the Church of Afsnee in the Hooglatem residential quarter.
Mainly in the years 1990, the Hooglatem residential quarter has often be affected by floods.

The ‘Western Pool’ (Westerplas) is accessible through the Albijn Van den Abeelelaan in St.-Martens-Latem, where you can also park your car. A second access is located on the Molenhoekstraat in Deurle. The dike which connects these two streets is accessible along the north side. The south side is not accessible and most of the shy birds choose than also this edge of the Western pool. With binoculars, you can see the whole pool in detail from the walkway.