The van Crombrugghe Castle

The ‘van Crombrugghe Castle’ with its brick central building was expanded between 1845 – 1847 by the architect Louis Minard. The castle was the home of J. van Crombrugghe, mayor of Ghent, who was famous for his collection of orange trees. He was a big promotor of the Floralies of Ghent, a big flower festival held once every 4 years. The family van Crombrugghe played an important role in the history of Belgian politic and provided the mayors of Sint-Martens-Leerne time after time. In front of the castle you can find a rather impresssive empiric fence from the 14th century. This, integrated in the perspective of the double lane to the Leernsesteenweg and cut off there through an iron chain on four posts.
Sadly, it is’nt open to the public.

address Kasteeldreef, Sint-Martens-Leerne

kasteel VCrombrugghe1