Service Center ‘Leiespiegel’ – ‘Leie Mirror’

Since may 2016 the public and welfare services are established.

This new construction, along the Lys River, was designed by London architects group Tony Fretton Architects. The same architects also designed the British embassies in Copenhagen and Warsaw and the provincial government building in Antwerp.

Eddy Lefebvre

As house front there is 2.700 m² glass and 1.350 m² natural stone. The natural stone is a Brecciestone from the Italian quarry near Bergamo. A BES-field (borehole energy storage), with 35 drillings 110 m deep, provides that the water on which is heated has a higher temperature, so that less should be heated. In the winter the ground heat on the water, in the summer the ground gives cold.

Leiespiegel East_Night rs


Works of art are integrated. DC Leiespiegel raadzaal Along the staircase to the Council room hangs “Nymphéas # 1” of the Deinse artist Stief Desmet. In the Council Chamber, you see the “Book of Hours”, a work of art to a concept of the Argentine major artist Jorge Macchi. He was inspired by the dialogue between the old medieval architecture of the Church Our Lady  and the modern architecture of this building.
Book of Hours