The Bridge of Four Battles and the ‘Maïskot’ Maize Shed


During the Second World War a fight had broken out in Zulte, later bo be known as “the battle along the Lys”. To this day, you can still see some traces of this. The ‘Vierfrontenbrug’ Bridge of Four Battles played an important role in World War I as well as in World War II. The ‘Maïskot’ Maize Shed was also struck quite hard. It was orginally constructed as a corn storage facility for the brewery Anglo Belge which was located in Zulte. During World War II it endured numerous hits. The industrial building is now made up of 4 lofts. Yet the bullet holes were kept during the renovation, which gave it the name ‘Kogelhuis’ bullethouse.

Next to the ‘Maïskot’ lies a bridge that withstood up to 4 battles, to which it thanks its name as the ‘Vierfrontenbrug’ Bridge of Four Battles. Noteworthy to say is that the bridge was kept, as the Lys was relocated, because of which it has no water running under it.