Ooidonk Walking Route

Ooidonk 2 MDB Ooidonk dreefThe Ooidonk Castle Kasteel Ooidonk, the pearl of the Lys-region, wouldn’t be misplaced next to the Loire in France. This castle in the flemish spanish renaissance style is located on a large bend along the Lys. It is still inhabited by a real count, namely count Henry t’Kint de Roodenbeke. The route takes you from Bachte-Maria-Leerne through the Blue Gate und up the artistic road leading to the castle. Through the Lys swamplands you’ll walk along the old Lys, where you can go and swim in  Vosselare-put during summer.
You can easily combine this route with the  Fillierswandelroute, and leave from Deinze centre.

The brochure with map is only in dutch available.

location: Deinze / Bachte-Maria-Leerne
lenght route: 7,5 km long
can be shrunk to 5,5 km
can be stretched to 12,5 km
signage: yes
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