The Lys-region, nature with artistic genes



Between Zulte and Ghent lies, at the banks of the Lys, one of the most stunning parts of Eastern-Flanders: the Lys-area! A true paradise for those who know how to appreciate serenity, art and the beauty of nature. Enjoy the simplicity of nature all the year around.

The Lys-area, spread over Deinze, Sint-Martens-Latem and Zulte, also has something to offer to all art, nature and sports lovers.



Zulte, just as its boroughs Olsene and Machelen, has a tight bond with the Golden River. Four famous residents help to spread the name and fame of this Lys-village: playwright Gaston Martens, artistic painters Modest Huys, George Dheedene and Roger Raveel. There is a dedicated walking tour to each of these people, in which the artists and the Lys are central. The writer Gerard Reve also found his final resting place here.

Deinze is the centre of the Eastern-Flanders Lys-area. Although the city itself doesn’t have many historical buildings, the area looks enchanting. The Castle of Ooidonk, the provincial nature and recreation domain Brielmeersen with its yacht port, the Museum of Deinze and Lys region and the surroundings of Astene sas (the lock of Astene) and Vosselareput (a meander used for recreational swimming) will surely be to your liking. Also the various cultural and folkloristic events are an excellent reason to visit this town.

In Sint-Martens-Latem, the Lys takes, in all her grace, a step towards art loving. Those qualities exist thanks to the presence of the beautiful meanders of the Lys and the adherent river country. Latem, and of course its borough Deurle, seem to be taken straight from a postcard. In the beginning of the 20th century, a colony of artists settled here. The group from Latem brought forth lots of symbolic, impressionistic and expressionistic masterpieces, and frequently Latem and Deurle itself were the source of inspiration. This also proves that art is an important theme, thanks to the many museums, artists residences and galleries.

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